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Buspirone online in August 2012, and then again over the next two months. They made no mention of these side effects in the medical literature, but FDA had issued a warning about them. In November, Medsafe reported that the researchers did not consider this, because they had been able to achieve a statistically significant increase in placebo group participants that were only given the online drug, a finding that the FDA said was "unfortunate and not consistent with the standards we expect in care of patients with clinical depression." In addition, the trial's results were not published. Only a short letter to the editor of Journal Clinical Psychiatry—one a number that ran in the same issue as Medsafe review—reported the results of trial after had ended, and it said that those results found similar to in the prior trial. Both trials were funded by a pharmaceutical company, but the investigators did not discuss funding details. At the time, NIH had been under review by Congress for over a year, and the drug's approval remained indefinitely suspended when the FDA concluded it had been compromised by the trial sponsors. drug's approval was finally granted in December 2012. In late 2013, researchers from Israel decided to replicate the trial and published their results online in The Lancet. December 2013, both Medsafe review and the Hebrew University study were published. The researchers, from Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in Tel Aviv, found that the drug participants had been given not able to reliably reverse the loss of weight that people with MDD are expected to experience during the trial—a finding that Medsafe researchers, in contrast, thought an additional course of the drug might be able to help reverse. However, the difference of weight loss in response to drug was not statistically significant; this is particularly problematic, given that the Israeli trials had also been small. A report on the Israeli findings published National Institutes of Health website in January 2014 did not include information about the sponsors or study funding. In response to a similar complaint filed by patient in buspirone online uk 2014, the NIH suspended approval of drug—this time for nearly two years. In a letter published February 2014, the Institute's Chief of Office Special Studies and Deputy Director for Clinical Research responded that the NIH will continue to work improve the safety of drug. "We recognize that we are very far from the goal of approving antidepressants for the treatment of major depression; indeed, there is still a lot for us to learn," the letter said.

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